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Creating beautiful timepieces is my dream. But the trigger to make it happen came from an unforgettable experience.

In late 2016, I was sitting by my daughter’s hospital bedside with tears. Those weren’t happy tears. She was being treated in the intensive care unit of the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne following an operation.

During those sleepless nights by my daughter’s hospital bedside, I often looked uninterruptedly at her, thinking I’d give anything just for my little girl to be well again, to live whatever dream that she’d have. Deep down in my mind, I also asked “have I lived mine?” 

Obsessed with this question and with my love for timepieces, I started this project with a friend in early 2017. It took courage and hard work to make it happen. Despite ups and downs and many more challenges ahead, this has been a worthwhile journey, for we are both living our dream.


We believe in perfection and in the courage to make the differences. It is the relentless pursuit of perfection and the courage to challenge the status quo that have helped artisan watchmakers create the best timepieces. 

We follow their footsteps, always striving for perfection and striving to make the differences. 


The greatest encouragement to us on our journey is to have you live your dream.


Sought through the field of life

Deep in the sea, up in the sky

Close your eyes, peer deep inside

Bathed in your soul, an ocean of truths

Shone a light, lighten the path

Lost no more, a sparkle of God

You are!

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